I suppose we’re allowed to use our own scoresheets during the WSC (Mattel can’t be that intrusive) so I’m in the midst of designing my own scoresheet. These are some features I think are ideal in a scoresheet:

– A way to check that you’ve tracked – I hate retracking because it wastes time that could be used to perfect/ improve an endgame.
– A nice way for you to record your racks: I currently use a slash everytime which may be messy and time-consuming.
– A good scrap area that reminds you to follow up – I always write stuff on my scoresheets only to ignore/ forget them later.
– Perhaps some way of recording statistics in the scoresheet to be done postgame (probably the least important). This would just be for analysis and commentary later.
– A tracking system that allows you to see what tiles are left in the bag with ease (best is if I don’t even have to write the remaining tiles out).
– Not too distracting with all the details though! I want to focus and if I overload my sheet with stuff to fill in I’ll be wasting my own time and distracting myself.

I will probably be testing one version out over the next few weeks (starting with JG next weekend hopefully?)…

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