Pictures from CentrestaG8 (pretty overdue)

Click to enlarge all of them!


The Cup! Strangely enough, it was used for the school’s tourney (for the team champion), not the “main” tourney.

These were the ones that the winners got on the first day. Smallish in comparison but probably more effort required to get them!

Now this is the real deal… Freshly engraved with Michael Tang’s name (winner of 2009 Nationals)

The tourney setup

The usual buzz behind the TD’s laptop

Note the similarity between this picture and the one above, especially in how Tony and Cheah are positioned.

My game against Marlon during the tourney My SNAKIER and lOGICAL were met with REHIRES, DOWIEST and iNSCAPE from him.

Arul versus Jessie, with Eden looking overhead

3rd place winner Liew Kian Boon who’s been going up and further up this year (after going down and further down last year). We may see our next GM soon!

2nd place winner Andy Kurnia – doing very well in a comeback tourney

Champion Marlon Prudencio, now the 1st in Singapore!

Uhh… no comments

Announcing our 6 WYSC qualifiers – Eden Choo, Wong Zhi Yuan, Goutham Jayaraman, Victor Gwee De Ming, Dewin Goh and Perry Lam Wee Hian! Congratulations and may you do Singapore proud! (er, yeah this is what NS does to me)

Zanjero is Marlon’s handle on ISC.


School division – of which 2 of the WYSC participants are in RI’s team

The tourney area on Day 2

Very nice game between Marlon and Eden/myself – 7 bingos (INANElY, TUNEABlE, AMMONITE, WEAVINGS, PLOSIVES, ENCRADLe). I joined in towards the end of the game.

*ahem* Some unhealthy food

Tony vs Cheah v1.01, with added earplug support

School team from Hwa Chong

School team from RI, the eventual winners

Overall, it was a good tourney (not really for me but that’s another story) and a rather fresh experience – hopefully it happens again next year.

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