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Game 3 Move 22


WSC Monitor

I found monitoring the WSC rather tiresome and so I decided to do some simple codes (well, some not so simple, but I learn from Google searches) to make things easier for myself, and here’s what I came up with (the things to run are WSC Monitor.htm and WSC Monitor.exe). What it did for me […]

Solution to Pre-Endgame Quiz + more on that game

Here’s the simulation result for this quiz: (click to enlarge) MIB simulates the best, but why? Let’s see… 1) COIF does not tell us much about Tony’s rack except that he kept decent tiles. So maybe we can expect a bingo.2) Any bingo to the F (FREMITus, FoRETIMe, FoRMIaTE, FEMITeRs) would lose to FRENZIED, CONFEREE […]

Interesting Facts about WSC (Too many!)

Might post more as time goes on! – 3 Thais in the top 10. Extremely strong performance from the Thai team. (expected Pakorn to be in the top 5, he’s been working hard) Hmm.. with the inclusion of Charnrit and the exclusion of Pichai from the team though.. their team performance pales in comparison to […]

Yew Tee Day 2 and WSC Day 1

Quite a bad tourney overall but I don’t think I lost due to bad strategical play (except for one of the games) – it was more of not knowing some important words that affected the outcome of the game (important words meaning my 4s and 7s which I’ve never properly studied, mainly). Obviously I was […]

Yew Tee Day 1

Did not play too badly – a bit better than normal though I did miss a few bingos which points towards my lack of word study. Good thing is that I’m playing (in some games) relatively quickly, and also fairly accurately. I’ve got 5 wins out of 8, with probably one or two more winnable […]


Taking over the internets

Pre-Endgame Quiz

Shown here is quite an eventful game, though there aren’t (from my perspective) many strategically significant moves, except for this move. (click to enlarge) Task is as usual – find the winning-est move. I’ll talk more about this game in a later post, but this position is more interesting and deserves prior attention.