Yew Tee Day 1

Did not play too badly – a bit better than normal though I did miss a few bingos which points towards my lack of word study. Good thing is that I’m playing (in some games) relatively quickly, and also fairly accurately. I’ve got 5 wins out of 8, with probably one or two more winnable ones (which I lost due to bad mistakes early or mid-game – e.g. missing the E front hook of vICTORS). I got my run of luck in my 5th, 6th and 7th games, where I cruised to (mostly) easy victories. My first ever game against Nigel was rather fun at the start when I led but that was quickly destroyed by his nine timer OUTPLAnS. I did get my own nine timer though against Marlon – RET(I)NITE, though I did miss one against Tony. Hopefully I will get to play Nigel again, or the other foreigners – only got to play Dianne and Nigel today. My aims are to get a rating gain (to get back into the top 10), or to win some money :).


  1. Playing foreigners feels good doesn't it? Ricky was saying the same thing: it's good to see some new faces!

  2. Indeed.. this is one of my only chances for "international exposure" this year!

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