Yew Tee Day 2 and WSC Day 1

Quite a bad tourney overall but I don’t think I lost due to bad strategical play (except for one of the games) – it was more of not knowing some important words that affected the outcome of the game (important words meaning my 4s and 7s which I’ve never properly studied, mainly). Obviously I was rather disappointed that I wasn’t sure of those words but I guess it just reflects a lack of properly scheduled word study. Otherwise, some personal highlights of the tourney: I played a high-probability nine letter word which was nevertheless shameful as it was done with ?AEINRT to AL (there are 2, I played the C one and missed the P one); I played Adrian for the first time and lost (don’t know if its due to bad tiles but I’ll know after I analyse it); I played Mihai twice and Robert Linn once, and should have won all 3 but lost 2 of the 3 instead; I got a 600 pointer game; I am actually now ranked 10th in the country despite losing rating!

Some other interesting facts – 8 of the top 9 finishers are all WSC qualifiers (the notable exception being JP, who certainly walloped me in both games); there was
one round with 3 600 scores (it’s round 7 not 6); there was another round on day 2 where I heard at least 4 players say they threw their games away (probably round 11)..

I should probably sim my games now since I’m out of camp – but meanwhile the WSC games are looking terrible; people seem to be making far worse mistakes than I do! Of course I’m hoping things will change tomorrow when perhaps better annotated games appear – and this should happen, with the top few players being rather respectable and many more good players hanging around midfield. Hopefully Singapore will do better tomorrow (and I think we will). I believe all of our players are well-poised to do better (esp. Marlon, who seems to have had a bad draw), or at least repeat today’s results.

If all goes well, I will be visiting the WSC on Saturday…

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