Interesting Facts about WSC (Too many!)

Might post more as time goes on!

– 3 Thais in the top 10. Extremely strong performance from the Thai team. (expected Pakorn to be in the top 5, he’s been working hard) Hmm.. with the inclusion of Charnrit and the exclusion of Pichai from the team though.. their team performance pales in comparison to Nigeria and England.
– In the top 10, number 4, 8, 9 and 10 all escaped annotation!
– Besides the (important) wildcard, the top few “teams” were all individuals
– US will gain a spot – that will bring them to the quota of 15! (Maybe I should give a prize to anyone who can name all 14 members of the US team without referring to any material)
– Many of the WSC players will be playing in Causeway Open
– Notable missing names from the player list: Ganesh, Logan, Chris May, Odette, Martus (probably a few more but I hesitate)
– Our World Youth Champion finished 93rd. Is this where Youth Scrabble is headed?
– 2 years ago, Nigel first attained the top position at the 9th game. This year, he only managed to do so on the 23rd game.
– This is the second time a WSC winner has reached the finals the very next WSC. Joel Wapnick achieved this feat in 1999/2001. Joel Sherman did the exact opposite by finishing 2nd/ 1st in 1995/1997.
– If Nigel won, he would be a two-time world champion, and Pakorn would be a 3-time runner up. Pretty numbers (but that would be boring!) On the other hand, Pakorn’s win means that there are 10 unique world champions – 6 of them are playing in Causeway Premier Division.
– Strangely enough the logo for the WSC Champion wildcard shows 2005 London and not 2007 Mumbai!
– This is Dave Wiegand’s highest finish ever. Before this, he finished 8th in WSC 2005. Congratulations to him for a good tournament – this surely couples well with his NSC victory earlier this year.
– Not sure if it’s the first time it’s happened – the winners take the board and the losers take the tiles. I wouldn’t mind getting the tiles as my own tiles are faded!
– Pakorn’s game 2 score and spread (670, spread +367) against Nigel was both the highest ever achieved in the history of WSC. Previously, in 1999, Joel Wapnick scored 624 against Mark Nyman’s 307. Both Wapnick and Pakorn managed to seal the title within 4 games.
– Pakorn’s 14-game winning streak is a new record in the history of WSC. Perhaps someone will start compiling such statistics for the Causeway too.
– Marut Siriwangso, with an initial international rating of 1867, managed to finish 4th, while Sam Kantimathi with an initial international rating of 2010 only managed to finish 86th.
– The former world champions Mark Nyman, David Boys, Joel Wapnick, Panupol Sujjayakorn and Nigel Richards finished 19th, 6th, 9th, 25th and 2nd respectively. Looks like it’s hard to fluke a WSC.
– Phillip Edwin-Mugisha, our “world champion” was only placed above 50 in round 3 and 5 (44th and 33rd respectively). He lost his last 5 games to finish 101st though.
– The first maiden WSC performance this time round is by Craig Beevers who finished 8th.
– In terms of W-L, the median is 12-12 and the mode is 11-13 with 16 players who finished there.

I do have a few blurry pictures of the WSC (didn’t want to use flash and didn’t think of any way to improve the photo quality, I wish I’d thought of doing that), so I might be looking out on the Facebook albums open to public viewing!

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