WSC Monitor

I found monitoring the WSC rather tiresome and so I decided to do some simple codes (well, some not so simple, but I learn from Google searches) to make things easier for myself, and here’s what I came up with (the things to run are WSC Monitor.htm and WSC Monitor.exe). What it did for me (though I did it a little too late):
– Combined the Games page and Standings page into one page that auto-refreshes every 120 seconds.
– Allowed me to change the game number that is refreshed on the Standings page (provided the AutoHotkey program is running) with Ctrl + `. Displays the changed HTML code after the game number is typed.
– Allowed me to monitor the performance of the Singaporean team easily (all on one page) by clicking on each of the links shown on the Navigator.

Some things to note when using it:
– Only 2 digit numbers work for the round number changing program. See below under the drawbacks.
– The .vbs script must be edited (using Notepad or another word editor) on a different system – the address of the .htm file must be changed depending on where the folder resides.

Of course, this only worked for one tournament – I’ll have to change all the links for Causeway and the future WSCs, which is not very practical. Other drawbacks include:
– Shabby .vbs script that only can accept 2 digit numbers in the input (other ones would screw the code up).
– Target folder for the .vbs script needs to be changed whenever the folder is changed.
– Auto-refresh every 120 seconds means the page would refresh back to the games and standings page, which would affect any browsing that’s going on in those frames. This means any important browsing (e.g. watching live annotated games) should be done in another frame or window.
– Ugly colour for the WSC Navigator – but who cares, it was only for my own usage!

Well, if this thing isn’t practical for every major tourney (maybe someone could improve on it for Causeway, which will have many more annotated games and another division altogether), I think it’s a design which tourney webmasters should consider – I always find navigating between the standings and the games quite a hassle especially when they have no auto-refresh script in them.

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