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This yearend doesn’t seem anything like the years before; while the last few days of the year are (for me) usually times for sobriety and reflection, I don’t really feel like there is much reflection to do this year. I guess there are some reasons for this – there isn’t too much to look forward […]

A roundup of Singapore Scrabble 2009: Masters Division

Note that these lists are compiled with the exclusion of non-SA members. Top rating gainers (Initial 1600 and above)1. Ricky PurnomoStart of year: 1751End of year: 1980 (+229)2. Michael TangStart of year: 1763End of year: 1896 (+133)3. Liew Kian BoonStart of year: 1861End of year: 1943 (+82)4. Shim Yen NeeStart of year: 1778End of year: […]

JG Mini game analysis (preliminary)

Game statistics Bingos played: 16 (2 a game, decentish, couldn’t be much better)Bingos missed: 2 (1 of which I would be sure of, the other word which I did not know was worse than the move I made anyway)Phonies for: 2 (both unchallenged)Phonies against: 1 (unchallenged) Bad challenges (for): 3Bad challenges (against): 9Average equity loss […]

Attempt this one

(click to enlarge picture) This is one of my endgames against Victor Chua on ISC. Can you find a win? (BTW: I’m using the new Blogger Post Editor which allows this text-beside-picture thing. Pretty neat, I must say.)

Some simple tips for the WYSC players

All in no order of importance. Gameplay-wise:1. Avoid phonying – don’t try things for the sake of “making the best move” – you could do that in practices but not tourneys. Make sure that before you choose a word to play, you’ve at least heard of the word, and made sure you haven’t confused it […]


Here’s a position I got from today while playing the kids: (click to enlarge) Any decent player would be able to see 14B RUMBLE (28) or 5K BREN (32), but each of these would open up triple word scores that might allow counter-scoring. There is one move, however, that avoids all these careless openings, and […]