Attempt this one

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This is one of my endgames against Victor Chua on ISC. Can you find a win?

(BTW: I’m using the new Blogger Post Editor which allows this text-beside-picture thing. Pretty neat, I must say.)

One comment

  1. i don't think there's a better move than E12 qi on this turn. then he could play J1 ex/exo. if ex, nothing can prevent I3 jo (except H1 inn which i think loses after G5 ja). i can only find J6 glow as the best move. after I3 jo the score is 460-450. i can only find G4 glob, giving 467-450, leaving nt against aaco. after F9 oca (467-461), which doesn't let you out in one, you would still win after bin/bit/eta on the M-file. conclusion: ex is not good for victor.if exo, you can choose to block 34-pt I3 ja or not. if not blocked J6 glow should be the best move. after I3 ja the score is 460-458 with glnt to play against aco, and K9 oca would be unstoppable. conclusion: I3 ja must be blocked.if blocked, the choices are go, no, wo, to, lo. perhaps the best is wo, then G5 ja is beats H4 as it blocks I5 glent. but you would then win with A11 ting or J5 gent. if he tries M9 jot instead, i think J7 long gets enough points to win by blocking the caa-ja.ex/exo appears both losing for victor so he could try M9 jot, but N9 own/owt/owl wins.N9 ax is possible, but J1 ewt (G4 glob if he follows with M9 or M9 gat otherwise) or L9 twat wins.

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