JG Mini game analysis (preliminary)

Game statistics
Bingos played: 16 (2 a game, decentish, couldn’t be much better)
Bingos missed: 2 (1 of which I would be sure of, the other word which I did not know was worse than the move I made anyway)
Phonies for: 2 (both unchallenged)
Phonies against: 1 (unchallenged)
Bad challenges (for): 3
Bad challenges (against): 9
Average equity loss for first 4 games: 10-40
Average equity loss for last 4 games: 60-80, for the last 3 games because there was too little time to do a proper endgame/ pre-endgame.

Tile statistics
?: 6/16
S: 15/32
J: 3/8
Q: 5/8 (This was a source of irritation for me. In those 5 games, my Q plays were: QAT 23, WAQf 45, QIS 24, QI 25 and QI 21. Throughout the tournament, I kept the Q on my rack [i.e. had the Q but didn’t play it] for a total of 7 turns, meaning I had it on my rack for 12 turns in total, all without an accompanying U. In 2 cases when I didn’t get the Q, the Q was used in a bingo against me: QUILtERS 114 and QuESTER 80)
X: 3/8
Z: 4/8

Overall an okay tourney for me but results wise it turned out quite bad. Some things I could improve on include time management as I played one or two bad endgames because I was low on time. Otherwise I think this is one of the better (best?) tourneys I’ve played in a while…

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