A roundup of Singapore Scrabble 2009: Masters Division

Note that these lists are compiled with the exclusion of non-SA members.

Top rating gainers (Initial 1600 and above)
1. Ricky Purnomo
Start of year: 1751
End of year: 1980 (+229)
2. Michael Tang
Start of year: 1763
End of year: 1896 (+133)
3. Liew Kian Boon
Start of year: 1861
End of year: 1943 (+82)
4. Shim Yen Nee
Start of year: 1778
End of year: 1843 (+65)
5. Quek Sim Ho
Start of year: 1672
End of year: 1701 (+29)

Top rating losers (Initial 1600 and above)
1. Toh Weibin
Start of year: 1941
End of year: 1824 (-117)
2. Marcus Goh Kim Leng
Start of year: 1967
End of year: 1883 (-84)
3. Marlon Prudencio
Start of year: 1926
End of year: 1875 (-51)
4. Hubert Wee
Start of year: 2014
End of year: 1966 (-48)
5. Victor Chua
Start of year: 1860
End of year: 1813 (-47)

Top rating gainers (from 1500+ category)
1. Wong Zhi Yuan
Start of year: 1529
End of year: 1723 (+194)
2. Eden Choo Jing Yu
Start of year: 1558
End of year: 1692 (+134)
3. J Goutham
Start of year: 1592
End of year: 1705 (+113)
4. Arul Inthirarajah
Start of year: 1541
End of year: 1604 (+63)
5. Jessie Lim Poey Lan
Start of year: 1596
End of year: 1658 (+62)

Highest average score (for)
1. Andy Kurnia (442.38)
2. Hubert Wee (440.23)
3. Toh Weibin (434.05)
4. Cheah Siu Hean (432.92)
5. Liew Kian Boon (432.56)

Lowest average score (against)
1. Jessie Lim Poey Lan (376.00)
2. Victor Gwee (378.41)
3. Eden Choo (386.64)
4. Liew Kian Boon (389.72)
5. Hubert Wee (399.33)
Note: might not be very accurate due to some players playing in lower divisions during the minor tourneys

Highest game and word (in records) this year
Game: 662 (Goh Jiang Pern, Yew Tee 2009)
Word: PANDECTS 176 (Hubert Wee, Yew Tee 2009)

Highest number of rounds (in Singapore) played this year
1. Cheah Siu Hean (123)
who ties with Tony Sim (123)
3. Victor Chua (115)
4. Quek Sim Ho (114)
5. Shim Yen Nee (99)

Major Winners
10th SA Millennium Cup: Toh Weibin
7th Lim Boon Heng Cup: Nigel Richards
12th Singapore Open Scrabble Championship: Nigel Richards
Singapore National Scrabble Championship 2009: Michael Tang
Yew Tee Scrabble Open Championship 2009: Nigel Richards

New Title Holders
Liew Kian Boon: GM
Wong Zhi Yuan: M
Eden Choo Jing Yu: M
Victor Gwee: M
J Goutham: M

Singaporean representative performances in 2009
Hubert Wee – 40th
Cheah Siu Hean – 43rd
Ricky Purnomo – 64th
Marlon Prudencio – 71st

Causeway (as part of the Causeway Team):
Marlon Prudencio – 24th
Hubert Wee – 38th
Ricky Purnomo – 47th

Wong Zhi Yuan*: 7th
Goutham Jayaraman: 9th
Victor Gwee*: 15th
Eden Choo Jing Yu*: 21st
Goh Zhong Zhe, Dewin*: 38th
Perry Lam: 42nd
Peh Wei Chen: 46th
* – eligible for WYSC 2010

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  1. Top 10 Finish In International TourneysPenang Open4th Marlon Prudencio $7th Cheah Siu Hean $9th Tony Sim $Aust Nationals 7th Cheah $8th Ricky Purnomo $9th Tony10th Michael TangKing's Cup6th Cheah $Sri Lanka International3rd Tony $Baguio Centennial10th Tony $Causeway Open7th Cheah $

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