This yearend doesn’t seem anything like the years before; while the last few days of the year are (for me) usually times for sobriety and reflection, I don’t really feel like there is much reflection to do this year. I guess there are some reasons for this – there isn’t too much to look forward to next year, and beyond next year, there is just too much to think about. I don’t know where to place my thoughts, or how to translate them into action. Most of me is wishing that I could stay as a youth forever.

In other news, the caveman has finally awoken from his half-a-decade long slumber and taken a glance outside his cave. The good news for some people is that I have started up a Facebook account. The bad news is that I’m still a Luddite at heart when it comes to these social networking thingies – I’m not using it for anything close to networking (e.g. adding friends, so don’t expect anything); I instead find it useful for online Scrabble play when I am unable to access ISC. (which occurs mostly on weekdays, for undisclosed reasons..) Please contact me in some way (you could leave a comment here, or ask me on Windows Live Messenger which would get a prompter reply) should you wish to start a game anytime.

With regards to the application, I am quite happy with it, but it does have some drawbacks – the lack of an observer function, the inability to search for users (but I suppose this is on purpose), and most of all the challenge rule, which if changed would certainly add an element of risk in the game. (I’ve actually “phonied” once on the game but it was rejected by the server..)

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all readers and non-readers alike!

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