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Millennium Cup thoughts

Don’t have my scoresheets with me now, but here’s a brief recount of what happened. I think this was the toughest field I’ve ever faced locally (and internationally, but let’s see)- one of the G8s was pretty similar (except they all probably improved from that time). I managed to clock one of my highest tournament […]


Did not finish last, and managed (+E = AMENAGED! Got that on the board vs Cheah) to get the book that I wanted (thanks Ricky, for letting me take it). Now all my efforts turn to the weekend tournament next week in KL… think it will be decent fun :). More to follow.

9th seed!

Been a long while since I’ve been seeded so low, but this is after all good news. Would be OK if I don’t win – just something around the top 3-4 would be decent stuff for my rating. Also – Akur is playing! EDIT: Last seed now! Time not to finish last!

Tuff luck

Google and China: Flowers for a funeral

NST-ASTAR Scrabble Challenge International

Official Advisor: Malaysian Scrabble Association Main Sponsor: New Straits Times *Malaysian Scrabble Association* Date : 30-31 January 2010 Venue : Dewan Tunku Chancellor, University of Malaya Categories : a) Inter-Varsityb) Inter-School ( under 18 years old ) -Rated Number of games : 12 games (8 games on the first day, 4 games on second day) […]