NST-ASTAR Scrabble Challenge International

Official Advisor: Malaysian Scrabble Association

Main Sponsor: New Straits Times

*Malaysian Scrabble Association*

Date : 30-31 January 2010

Venue : Dewan Tunku Chancellor, University of Malaya

Categories : a) Inter-Varsity
b) Inter-School ( under 18 years old ) -Rated

Number of games : 12 games (8 games on the first day, 4 games on second day)

Registration fee : RM200 ( International : Inter-Varsity & Inter-School )
RM150 ( Local : Intervarsity )
RM125 ( Local : Interschool )

*Registration fee is inclusive of accommodation, food and an ASCI T-Shirt.

*Local participants have to register by using the registration form
published in New Straits Times ( on * 13, 19, 22, 25, 27 December 2009
*and* 1, 2, 3, 9, 10 January 2010* ) and send it to us via post or fax.

*The first 20 participants ( 15 local + 5 international ) to register will
enjoy a 10% discount.

Closing date : 15 January 2010

Cash prize : **
*a) **Inter-Varsity Category*:

Champion: *RM3,500*

1st Runner-up: RM1,500
2nd Runner-up: RM1,000
3rd Runner-up: RM500
4th Runner-up: RM350
5th Runner-up: RM250
6th Runner-up: RM250
7th Runner-up: RM250
8th Runner-up: RM150
9th Runner-up: RM150
10th Runner-up: RM150
11th Runner-up: RM150

*b) Inter-School Category*:

Champion: *RM3,000*
1st Runner-up: RM1,250
2nd Runner-up: RM500
3rd Runner-up: RM400
4th Runner-up: RM300
5th Runner-up: RM200
6th Runner-up: RM200
7th Runner-up: RM200
8th Runner-up: RM200
9th Runner-up: RM125
10th Runner-up: RM125
11th Runner-up: RM125
12th Runner-up: RM125
13th Runner-up: RM125
14th Runner-up: RM125

For any enquiries, please contact *Chong Hui Sze (+6019-2684726)* or *Chin
Zhe Wei (+6012-7506348)* or e-mail us at

For more updates, please visit our website at

You can also go to our facebook link at

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