Millennium Cup thoughts

Don’t have my scoresheets with me now, but here’s a brief recount of what happened.

I think this was the toughest field I’ve ever faced locally (and internationally, but let’s see)- one of the G8s was pretty similar (except they all probably improved from that time). I managed to clock one of my highest tournament averages ever (the highest average being here, in an 8 game tourney), with the help of a 625 pointer game against Michael Tang on Day 2. I’ve also vaulted myself back into the top 10, but I expect my rating to drop a little (again) the next tourney for stabilisation. Congratulations to Ricky for breaking the 2000 barrier – he was the better player on this occasion, and hopefully Nigel’s, Hubert’s and his rating will help buffer my expectations a bit for the coming LBH :).

Bingo/ blank wise, I think I got slightly less than half the blanks. My bingo average should be ranging from 2 to 2.5 (or more, I’m not too sure), and I played at least 1 bingo in every game. Strangely enough, the only game where I played 4 bingos was the one against Michael Tang! I had some good runs of luck (especially if you look at playing consecutive bingos, I remember playing 3 consecutive bingos on at least 2 opponents), but also some bad ones – I picked up 2 Es in my second round against Andy Kurnia. I played decently with a few bingo misses on the first day (haven’t looked at the second day, unlikely to be much worse), but I think I made a few blunders here and there which cost me at least 1 game (against JP, especially, when I challenged a bingo I was 70% sure of only to lose by 3 points).

Michael seems to be saying a lot about this year’s Causeway tournamentS (remember the Tournament of Champions) and he is warning the Singaporean players that we would lose our spot if our sole representative finished last this time. Personally, I am quite excited to see the outcome of the Tournament of Champions, but I think I might want to stick in the lower divisions for Causeway! (since there is a real chance that I’d finish last if I was in the Premier Division)

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