Okay… so

I did recently draw some of the best tiles ever in my playing career (and subsequently
won a tournament – BTW the part about adequate sleep is mostly dishonest), but other than that, life’s been relatively routine – trying to catch enough sleep everyday (I mostly succeed in camp), going about camp running errands, going for trainings on alternate days, dodging arrows; but this is something I could get used to, at least for the upcoming few months.

I do have a few plans for my time in the army, because I really don’t want to waste my two years here. Thankfully I have quite a bit of free time nowadays – but spending the free time (in camp) productively is always a challenge to an undisciplined, restless mind. Meanwhile, I have very little time to listen to music in camp (because I don’t think I can multitask properly when it comes to music, apart from, well, music and computer, and also because I’m just not allowed to most of the time), so what I do sometimes is a half an hour presleep iPod session, which is really not enough!

The weekends are decent (as it must be for everyone who has to stay in on weekdays), and I relish my freedom by doing things I like to do and regaining some of my individuality – play, read, watch, listen, think (if I ever do)… if I can’t do these in the army, I have to do it all outside. One thing I’m sorely missing in camp is the desktop I have at home (which speeds up my tasks quite a lot, by virtue of customisation).

A Happy Chinese New Year and see you all at Lim Boon Heng Cup!

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