Monthly Archives: March 2010

Game #4

A quick one, before I go back into camp… Play the game here! This one is a practice game against Hubert in February. Feel free to examine and criticise!


Why’s there OVERMULTIPLY and OVERPLUS but not OVERMINUS* or OVERDIVIDE*? Granted, OVERPLUS is not a verb, unlike OVERMULTIPLY. (OVERMINUS* does have a valid anagram, though)

Game #3

This game is my last game against Ramaraj from NST-ASCI 2010 – I needed to lose by a large margin to possibly lose this tourney. Play the game here! Feel free to examine and criticise!

Game #2

Of the week. This is online vs ISC handle akpintus. Look at his plays all you want, but I won’t make any comments about them (I wouldn’t know them in a real life game anyway). Play the game here! Feel free to examine and criticise!

Game #1

I noticed that my content about Scrabble has been dwindling recently, and that I’m not really posting many puzzles nowadays. (partially because I haven’t seen a really interesting position as of yet, and also because I don’t get many responses…) Some of the Scrabble blogs by American players post up full games – I’ve decided […]

Let’s be honest, luck’s been horrid

Well I wouldn’t really say my luck was terrible (besides an abysmal blank count for the first day), but at least my tourney result wasn’t that spectacular. (I’m surprised I even managed to average 2 bingos a game!) My games (in my opinion) were more or less dull/ uninspiring, perhaps with the exception of my […]


Have changed the comment system from embedded to pop-up – should work better for some users now. Tomorrow will be an interesting (and hopefully good) day!