Let’s be honest, luck’s been horrid

Well I wouldn’t really say my luck was terrible (besides an abysmal blank count for the first day), but at least my tourney result wasn’t that spectacular. (I’m surprised I even managed to average 2 bingos a game!) My games (in my opinion) were more or less dull/ uninspiring, perhaps with the exception of my win against Nigel :).

Meanwhile, a collage of things-of-note that I’ve read over the past few weeks…

TOC Editorial: Gopalan Nair’s despicable hoax | The Online Citizen – I actually heard about the hoax from my friend in camp, who was then surfing through Singaporean forums. It all seemed quite impossible to me – that an individual’s heart attack could cause such widespread panic in the country, and also that many people could learn about this without it being reported on traditional media (as many, I believe, don’t have the time to explore alternative media). I took the “news” with a pinch of salt, especially because the source was unverified then (the forum mentioned foreign press). TOC’s censure of this hoax is very welcome to me – I’d always imagined a Big Brother versus Alternative Media situation in Singapore, especially for TOC where I’ve noticed that much of the content leads you to find fault with the government. Perhaps its only the comments I’m displeased with: every now and then people need to say something bad about the government…

Abroad – Caravaggio in Ascendance – An Antihero’s Time to Shine – NYTimes.com – I’ve always been drawn towards antiheroes in art (music, writing, movies etc); so I did appreciate Caravaggio’s art, especially with what (little) I learned in KI. Distasteful? Cheap? Maybe… Also,

Fierce teacher or fearful students? – My former History teacher being featured in the press! Didn’t know he was transferred so quickly.. Well pretty much the same thing happened during our lessons, but I don’t think we were expecting it to go on the press. From my point of view, I don’t think it really deserved to get on the press too.

‘Playing to improve got me banned’ – Apart from the self-referential, narcissistic nature of this link (hi btw I was featured), this incident is/was quite an issue for Youth Scrabble here. Should be an interesting read for all those who don’t already know about this. (Additionally, the victim’s dad also posted on Stomp and Yahoo! Answers

9 Greasemonkey Scripts To Get More Productive While Searching Google – Well, I personally don’t use a lot of this (for one, the Speed Dial thing doesn’t work when you are logged in to your Google account).

BTW for all RSS feed people, I now use Brief instead of Sage! (Allows me to access feeds from blogs that I couldn’t view on Sage before, but perhaps is a little more tedious when you wish to add new feeds)

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