Game #1

I noticed that my content about Scrabble has been dwindling recently, and that I’m not really posting many puzzles nowadays. (partially because I haven’t seen a really interesting position as of yet, and also because I don’t get many responses…) Some of the Scrabble blogs by American players post up full games – I’ve decided to join the group, so here’s my first game, taken from (as you might expect) Lim Boon Heng Cup against Nigel Richards.

Play the game here!

This is not a game I played well, by the way. It only happens that I won.

I probably won’t be doing a Dave Wiegand-style of posting, which is pretty much posting all your tourney games, because (1) I probably make far more mistakes than he does, so there IS an element of self-censorship in my games (but I will post a variety of games, ranging from those I play badly in to those I play well in. I don’t pretend to be a good player.) (2) I don’t think I can post every game when I don’t analyse all my games. Posts will probably come weekly or fortnightly, and from random games (I’ve played so many!).

Meanwhile, feel free to examine and criticise!

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