Monthly Archives: April 2010

GameĀ #6

This one was played today against Big Brother Q. Play the game here! Feel free to examine and criticise!

Solution: ventriloQUIZing

The quiz is here, and the results of the Quackle simulation I did are on the right. At first, it seems like playing ENJ(O)Y 15H for 57 points keeping DIW is quite a good choice, as it provides good score and leave. However, I feel that while the rack is decent, the W does not […]

Some things that have caught my attention + Game #5

1. This is a rather interesting study done up by Jesse Matthews, an Canadian Scrabble player about, as the title says, ACEIIRTTVY in ABBCELRS. This is something that really explains what is at work in a intermediate-expert Scrabble player’s game (not everything, but it goes far enough). Of course, it appears to be a project […]

Australian Championships & the PRR

The 2010 Australian Championships are going on right now in Adelaide, Australia, and rather unfortunately, the field doesn’t look as strong as it did in previous years, with some notable exceptions. Nevertheless, there are still a number of good players to look out for, and the current leader, Alastair Richards, is going on a pretty […]


(click to enlarge picture) What’s your move on this one? I’m sure most players would be spoilt for choice here…