Solution: ventriloQUIZing

The quiz is here, and the results of the Quackle simulation I did are on the right.

At first, it seems like playing ENJ(O)Y 15H for 57 points keeping DIW is quite a good choice, as it provides good score and leave. However, I feel that while the rack is decent, the W does not fit well on this board. It is unlikely to yield a high score around A8 or from N2 down to the E. There is a fair chance of it getting dumped next turn for maybe 20 points.

Another possibility to think about is J(U)DY for 45, keeping EINW. It does have a lower score, though; and this is not helped by the fact that the W will probably need to be dumped next turn as well (my guesses are that the board would not be too bingo-friendly after your opponent’s move).

Perhaps one might want to consider YEW 8A instead for 49 points, keeping DJIN. This gives you a very high chance of having a 35 pointer DJIN 6I next move (because it’s not likely that opponent will play there). An additional thing to consider is the possibility of drawing EO or OS for (EN)JOINED or (EN)JOINS B8. That would be about 60 points!

Other moves are probably not really worth considering as they sacrifice too many points.

(By the way, Sic! on World Wide Words really cracked me up this week)

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