Monthly Archives: May 2010

Game #13

Here’s another one against Quackle. This one is rather thought-provoking strategically, I must say, and it is rather possible to disagree with Quackle’s simulations on some moves. Play the game here! Feel free to examine and criticise!

Game #12

Let’s face it – I pretend to be somewhat decent at Scrabble. I am happy when I win, because I tend to think that if I don’t play well, I don’t win (and hence I start to think I’m playing well since I won). However, there are times where this illusion is completely obliterated by […]

Game #11

Here’s an excellent game I just played against Quackle with a huge total score (probably my highest ever, 1111) and no nine-timers! Play the game here! Feel free to examine and criticise! Been shuttling between locations recently, this is quite tiring – may not have the energy to write much here over the next few […]

JG Mini

Bah – missing too many bingos, almost all of which could have been found perhaps with half a minute more on the rack. Might have been a sleep deficit, but it was just more like a “hey, I don’t think there’s a bingo here, let’s forget it” mentality. Think I just wasn’t looking hard enough… […]

For a change…

Here’s a game I played pretty badly, imo. You should be finding better moves than I did. Play the game here! Feel free to examine and criticise! Anyway, on the topic of change, a number of us have been discussing possible editions to future SA News editorials. Some of the ideas which are starting to […]

Response to Anonymous + Another game

Well, I wanted to type it in the comments section, but the response proved too wordy… The reason why I hinted that the prize system for the PRR was not fair was because of some reasons perhaps not explained fully enough. Here are my reasons for saying so: 1. When prizes are given based on […]

1st PRR Tournament

Okay, I have to say that the prize allocation wasn’t that fair, but well this tournament was a decent first experiment for the association. Perhaps the length of the competition can be increased and the prize distribution can be altered to reflect individuals’ performances over all rounds. It’s pretty uncommon for a 7th place finisher […]