1st PRR Tournament

Okay, I have to say that the prize allocation wasn’t that fair, but well this tournament was a decent first experiment for the association. Perhaps the length of the competition can be increased and the prize distribution can be altered to reflect individuals’ performances over all rounds. It’s pretty uncommon for a 7th place finisher to get the 2nd biggest prize! (though looking at the standings, I’d guess I was the 3rd-4th best performer) Hubert, as usual, outdid the field by a mile (well, 1/3 of his field was me, so what’d you expect)

Some suggestions how the tourney can be improved, some of which are constrained by the number of players:
– Include more players in each quadrant to 6, and hence promote the top 2, relegate the bottom 2 and keep the middle in the same group.
– Increase the length of the tournament to 2 days, perhaps with 4 round robins of 5 games each (pity I would probably be unable to attend that, unless I took leave).
– Give prizes based on initial grouping, so if you have 4 groups, it becomes like a 4 division thing where you compete among people in your rating category. Prevents clear Division A players from winning prizes in lower groups.

Anyway, here are two games from the tourney, one of which I felt I played OK in and the other, not really… (not my worst though, I did play pretty bad in the starter games for that tourney)

Play the games here and here!

Feel free to examine and criticise!

One comment

  1. In what way was the prize allocation not fair? Please elaborate.

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