For a change…

Here’s a game I played pretty badly, imo. You should be finding better moves than I did.

Play the game here!

Feel free to examine and criticise!

Anyway, on the topic of change, a number of us have been discussing possible editions to future SA News editorials. Some of the ideas which are starting to bear fruit are those of column writers and creative tournament reporting (in the form of Tweets, annotations or Wall posts etc). The possibility of including adverts has been shelved (and I would agree with the decision) for future consideration.

I’m not sure if online distribution (of partial copies) will take place, but it is something I am looking out for (and would be keen to contribute towards). I feel that the association does have its own pool of resources and talent,  however much of this is untapped, largely due to the “I’m a player and not a contributor” mentality (this is not necessarily bad). For instance, we do have a functional (though mostly dormant) Facebook page, a website (with a webmaster who’s skilled and sharp enough), a number of players who can do decent design and quite a large collage of photos/ material – I doubt we should be looking too much into organising more and more tournaments without looking into how we can get more players into the scene.

Nevertheless, I think these discussions are small but important steps towards publicising the game. Vibrancy is always welcome and I like the fact that people are discussing something, though I hope some action’s taken soon! (Does anyone who’s currently not in the discussion have any opinions on this? I could keep you in the loop)

Edit:  Gee, David Webb had BEIINSW and chose to play NEWBIE! Should I feel insulted? 🙂


  1. what I'd like to see actually is more contribution and content from/about division outside A.

  2. Well, I'd like to see more of that too! In fact, with regards to tourney reports, perhaps we could do more reporting on international tourneys and external tourneys – e.g. Aus Nationals, Public Service games, iGate. Maybe snippets of results/ details for other major tourneys around the world could be included, e.g. the recently concluded European/ Malta Opens.

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