Game #11

Here’s an excellent game I just played against Quackle with a huge total score (probably my highest ever, 1111) and no nine-timers!

Play the game here!

Feel free to examine and criticise!

Been shuttling between locations recently, this is quite tiring – may not have the energy to write much here over the next few months, maybe.


  1. When you played VIED, did you consider YIN 14F? I like the leave more than ITY for 4 points less, and leaving one more of the 2 TWS for a comeback if no bingo. How does Quack sim?

  2. Yay, a reason to leave the computer on (while charging the iPod)!Tell you the results tomorrow 🙂

  3. Hmm, my computer might have a problem with doing simulations overnight – when I checked later in the morning there were only something like 5000+ iterations on many-ply, and currently (I've been running it for 30+ minutes) it's already at 5000 iterations. I started a little after you made that last comment.YIN 14E seems to top the sim, closely followed by IVY 14D. Next is VIDE, followed by VIED. TYIN is 5th – maybe it's too volatile and unnecessary. (since there are no Ts left and T has good value on this board)Perhaps keeping the V with YIN is useful for a 30+ pointer next move (VIED or VIDE), which is why the leave which is normally weaker on boards as compared to DEIT (IVY play) comes out pretty strong in the simulation. A bingo should ideally follow after VIDE/VIED, if the UUVWZ tiles in the pool are avoided.If you let me choose my move all over again, I think I would pick IVY. Was playing too fast – but probably would not think of saving the V for the next move.Thanks for the astute observation! Now I know there's at least one person who doesn't just skim through other people's games looking for new words, like I do :). Meanwhile, I'll do a few more iterations…

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