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(click to enlarge) Find the best endgame sequence.

5 reasons why some players are just that darned good (or why I am so bad)

If one takes a glance at international tourney results around the world, especially in the past year, it’s not difficult to notice that only a handful of people perform very consistently at the top (and by top I mean top 3). I’m sure some of my readers would be pretty decent players themselves, so it’s […]

The Periodic Table

Fake Science, The Periodic Table

Some interesting/ puzzling rating gaps in SA

Between players who have played within the last 1 year… 1 GM Wee Ming Hui, Hubert 764 2013 16 May 2010   (Life) 2 GM Purnomo, Ricky 994 1973 7 Mar 2010   Dec 2010 =12 GM Goh Jiang Pern 805 1841 24 Jan 2010   Dec 2010 =12 NM Chua Kim Loong, Victor 658 […]

Game #16

I just changed my blog template with Blogger’s new Template Designer which offers more sophisticated (while still very readable) changes to the design. Some features that I’d like to see included are text alignment options (I had to do a CSS edit to justify my text, and I don’t really know how to do this […]

Games #14 & #15

I was able to play a few games on Quackle and managed to reach 600 twice, largely products of luck instead of skill (I made some big mistakes in one of em) – here are the games, with brief comments (since I gotta sleep)! Play the games here and here! Feel free to examine and […]

Thoughts after reading

I was scrambling to pick up a book from the shelves in the living room last night, as I needed something to read (or rather fall back on, as an alternative to the Internet) during my Saturday in camp. Rather unfortunately for me, a large proportion of the books in the living room were textbooks […]