Monthly Archives: July 2010

We’re all on our ways down

‘There’s something to do tomorrow and you keep going. If you start saying ‘Oh, I’m old’ and you start reading novels or playing golf or playing chess or Scrabble, you’re on your way down.” – MM Lee

When playing the bingo is wrong

There aren’t that many situations where an available bingo is not the best move; it’s even rarer to find times where playing a bingo isn’t the best move for 2 consecutive turns. Well, how about not even being in the top 10 for 2 consecutive moves then? Here’s one situation where this occurred on ISC. […]

More Practick

In a follow-up from this post, I’m relooking the WYSC criteria for this year (the WSC criteria has been changed to what I believe is a more accurate representation of each player’s ability). The most critical part of the rules this time are: 3. has played at least 24 rated games from end of WYSC […]

Game #18

This is one of the most fun games I’ve had in a while, from my tinkering on ISC. And fun games are usually straightforward, so I didn’t make many mistakes in this one either. Play the game here! Feel free to examine and criticise!



Game #17

Here’s a game I thought was pretty straightforward, however the sim results proved otherwise (by a mile). I initially used CP to check through the whole game, but it turned out that so many of the moves that I played were wrong (and off Speedy Player standards, which I was close to) that I did […]