More Practick

In a follow-up from this post, I’m relooking the WYSC criteria for this year (the WSC criteria has been changed to what I believe is a more accurate representation of each player’s ability). The most critical part of the rules this time are:

3. has played at least 24 rated games from end of WYSC 2009 till Grandeur 8 (tentatively scheduled for 2 Oct 10) competition, inclusive. Byes will not be used in calculation of ratings. Byes awarded to a player will count towards the 24 games. Byes conceded by a player will not count towards the 24 games.

4. has an SA rating of at least 1500 at the end of the qualifying period.

I’m happy to see that my suggestions from the previous post were adopted, at least to an extent – let’s see who’s in the qualifying zone now.

1. Wong Zhiyuan (best Singaporean performer last year, though he will need more real-life practice and word study if he is to win in his final year)
2. Victor Gwee (getting better and better, hope he will develop into a real challenge to the title by next year!)
3. Eden Choo (has met the minimum number of games, but I hope he will play a bit more, and take control of his games, especially when losing. His negative spread at the Nationals wasn’t that impressive, and will put him many positions down in WYSC)

And who’s missing the qualifying zone by games played:
1. Dewin Goh (short of 10 games, which means he probably needs 2 tourneys to qualify, though he might be able to get all of them at G8)
2. Neoh Tse Pin (short of 4 games, will need 1 tourney)
3. Ng Li Ki (short of 10 games, same case as Dewin)

And down the list…

1. Yong Jian Rong (can still make the 90+ rating jump if he gets enough practice against experienced players)

IMO, it is good that people have to work a little to qualify – though I must admit it’s a little disappointing that people DO actually have to work for 24 games, unless they’re not interested in qualifying. There are still a few spots available for Singapore (and exactly 3 tourneys left, which might or might not translate to 24 games), so I’m hoping some new players will come up and enter the fray. (I did expect a number of players from RI, now RJC, to try this year, but I guess they have other commitments)

By the way, this is the ratings screenshot after Nationals 2007 – undoubtedly, the under-18 scene is less vibrant now as compared to 2007, but looking at the rough standards of 2007, someone who wants to do very well in WYSC (see Ben, KB, GH and me who all finished in the top 10) should be able to clock up a decent percentage of wins against the top half of the field at Nationals. Maybe it’s harder to do so now, and maybe the playing level at the WYSC has dropped, but it’s minimally a precedent.

Anyway, the same tips apply for those who want to qualify for WYSC. One good thing to do is to review your play (maybe even your online plays) using this guide!

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