When playing the bingo is wrong

There aren’t that many situations where an available bingo is not the best move; it’s even rarer to find times where playing a bingo isn’t the best move for 2 consecutive turns. Well, how about not even being in the top 10 for 2 consecutive moves then? Here’s one situation where this occurred on ISC.

Chollapat has just made a 6-tile dump of TRODDE(N) (which sims poorly, considering the opening and the other possibilities), leaving me a possible nine-timer line. Turns out I have a few bingos available, none of which I saw (there are 2 available, find them!). The best moves, however, involve me leaving the nine timer open, and making another opening (nine timer or not). The one that catches my eye is FABS N12 FIBS at the same spot, because I think human players would be inclined to block off the available nine-timer lines more than a computer would.

I mistakenly chose to play FIT K13 instead; with the impression that I should play off the T to avoid a repeat tile if I want to bingo through line A. That didn’t sim too well, also partially because I kept the A, which doesn’t go very well with the Os in the bag.

Chollapat’s response to this was (T)AJ A13 for 30 points, leaving me even further behind.

I had a few good bingo options, however the play that really stands out is BRON(C) 4A. The rest don’t really come close (bingos seem to have a 1+% chance of winning, as compared to the 25% offered by BRONC).

As it turned out, I didn’t see BRONC, played a bingo, which he countered with BROWNIE(R) B6, taking the score for my remaining 5 tiles LQTTY. Oh well…

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