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Game #19

Here’s a rather blocked-up game which I played against Jian Rong yesterday. I lost by 6 points, mostly due to a few very poor choices. Play the game here! Feel free to examine and criticise!

SG-PR Tourney Stats

Missed: 4 bingos (EVILDOE(R), REEXPEL, GAWCI(E)ST, (Z)OOMORPH [125 points!!!]). I wasn’t sure of the 2nd and 4th, but I just was not looking hard enough for #1 and #3. I missed them all in the 2nd half of the tourney, and lost 2 of the 4 games (I figure mostly because of those misses). Obviously […]

A little incoherence would do sometimes

tourney’s over time to quackle cquackle quackle quakle quackle quaclke quackle quackle quackle quackle qulackle qauckle quackle qaucuklel qauckle did i type that 12 times

G8 SGPR ScrAbbLE Coverage & more

That is Tony’s name for it (allusion to Great Singapore Sale) – but anyway there will be coverage of the Singapore vs PR tourney results real-time on Saturday! The link to a Google Document displaying the results is here, and it will be updated as often as possible! The matchups  will be colour-coded (e.g. if […]

NSC, WPC & JG Mini

So, Nigel did win the NSC, and is now in a good position to take the WPC as well. The tourney, however, is paired using Round Robin, so maybe Nigel hasn’t faced the tough pairings yet (with the exception of Chris May, whom he lost to). The next few positions after Nigel seemed to me […]

NSC 2010

I’m keeping up with the National Scrabble Championship 2010, though there’s a huge difference in timezone (I was awake till about 2 this morning catching up on the results). I’m mostly interested in Division A, because most of the players I know belong in that division. You may view the annotated games here. Personally, I […]

Book Review – The Times Scrabble Workout by Allan Simmons

This is a rather overdue review – I’ve delayed posting this for maybe 3 months, and Allan Simmons has already released a new book , which I will certainly be getting, hopefully at the Causeway. Anyway… I was glad to receive an autographed copy of this from the WSC last year from Cheah. In Singapore, […]

Scrabble face

This from Lifehacker caught my attention recently, and while the study was done on poker, I’m really more interested on how a slight smile might affect your opponent in a Scrabble game. But, do facial expressions and body language really matter at all in a game of Scrabble? After playing the game for a number […]

The lineup – SG vs PR

In order of rating: SINGAPORE Tony Sim Shim Yen Nee Liew Kian Boon Toh Weibin PR Ricky Purnomo Cheah Siu Hean Michael Tang Marlon Prudencio Well, xenophobic as it is, this is a very attractive tourney to me, partially because it is a team tourney. Another great thing about this is the high average rating […]