The lineup – SG vs PR

In order of rating:


Tony Sim

Shim Yen Nee

Liew Kian Boon

Toh Weibin


Ricky Purnomo

Cheah Siu Hean

Michael Tang

Marlon Prudencio

Well, xenophobic as it is, this is a very attractive tourney to me, partially because it is a team tourney. Another great thing about this is the high average rating – I’m looking at team average ratings of 1900+ for both teams. The problem, of course, is that there are only 2 teams and 12 games – I’ll be playing 4 guys 3 times each (which is however an improvement from playing 3 guys 4 times). It’s also a real pity that this thing will probably not be rated.

Other possibilities I’m looking forward to are zonal tourneys – but it will be difficult sorting people into zone and ensuring that the teams are fairly balanced rating-wise.

Anyway, this tourney is happening on the 21st this month at G8. Pay a visit if you’re free!

One comment

  1. merlion · · Reply

    KB and Yen Nee switch due Yen got more rated games

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