NSC 2010

I’m keeping up with the National Scrabble Championship 2010, though there’s a huge difference in timezone (I was awake till about 2 this morning catching up on the results). I’m mostly interested in Division A, because most of the players I know belong in that division. You may view the annotated games here. Personally, I can’t tell for sure who’s playing very well because I don’t know the TWL dictionary well enough. The commentary is rather decent though I wish the phonies were more clearly denoted (SANIOUR??).

The second day of the tourney has ended, with 3 more days to go. Nigel has been on top for the last 3 rounds (with, as expected, the highest spread), and I don’t see any signs of fatigue. Following behind are Rafi Stern, Dave Wiegand and Orry Swift – however there are 6 players on 10-4 and any of them can easily make it into the top 3 IMO (I’ve heard of #5-7 before, and I would say they are all strong players). After a slow start, Brian Cappelletto and Pakorn, two players who will feature in the Tournament of Champions, have climbed back into the picture. Play-wise, I don’t see many difficult words, though I was rather impressed with the play of mATERNITIES using ?AEINRT.

It would be real amazing if Nigel wins this and the WPC!

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