NSC, WPC & JG Mini

So, Nigel did win the NSC, and is now in a good position to take the WPC as well. The tourney, however, is paired using Round Robin, so maybe Nigel hasn’t faced the tough pairings yet (with the exception of Chris May, whom he lost to). The next few positions after Nigel seemed to me to be rather hotly contested, with Brian Cappelletto eventually earning the second spot (pity he didn’t play the WPC, or we could see whether he is still a force in SOWPODS). I’m still catching up on the blog posts and etcetera about the games, but among others, this post caught my eye. It seems to say the most about Nigel that I’ve seen from any other online source – which I guess might be due to the fact that Nigel shuns media attention and vapid questions like “Why are you so good?” and “How do you do it?”.

In other news, I’ll be playing my first tourney since 30 May (Bishan Heights), and almost my first real-life game since then (I did play a few against Li Wei during the Nationals). I’ve heard that the turnout for this mini will be the largest ever for a one-day tourney (40+?), which is excellent! I’m hoping to win the tourney, though I’ve lost touch with quite a lot of the high-probability words (about 75% recall, but still haven’t completed the list). I’ve also played a lot on ISC (including Clabbers, which I’m taking a real liking to) and I suppose that might help a little.

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