G8 SGPR ScrAbbLE Coverage & more

That is Tony’s name for it (allusion to Great Singapore Sale) – but anyway there will be coverage of the Singapore vs PR tourney results real-time on Saturday! The link to a Google Document displaying the results is here, and it will be updated as often as possible! The matchups  will be colour-coded (e.g. if Tony plays Ricky, their boxes will share the same colour). I haven’t yet thought of a way to display scores and etcetera, though I don’t think that’s really important (since few people will be following the results anyway).

UPDATE: Have now put in sheets for individual round scores. Will see if I have time to update those, as the aupair files will need to be updated round-by-round too. Will also be doing a bingo compilation, which may or may not be shared later.

FURTHER UPDATE: Have not really had the time to do colour coding. View the spreadsheets for round-by-round updates.

Last week’s tourney wasn’t too good results-wise, though I didn’t play as terribly as I thought I might have. My (quite obviously) worst played game was the last one against Marcus, possibly because of fatigue or frustration at the tiles I was getting. The rest were pretty fine, though I was quite embarrassed with a misspelling of TENTACLE which almost lost me the game (or rather, gave me at best a 37.5% chance of winning the game from an initial 90-100%) – fortunately for me in that game I picked up one out of the 3 possible winning tiles and went out with an bingo NECTArI(NE), which would have been something like pECTINA(L) had he blocked the 9-letter spot.

I received a 180 point drubbing against Victor Chua in Game 2, however analysis shows that the game was unwinnable from move 10 onwards where my triple-triple line opening of DADO was taken by him for 60 points with JU(D)O. My big mistake for that move was trying a phony CLONABLE, which is not good with an extra E either (but may very well be in the future). I lost against GH most probably because of my double-double bingo choice of COnTEST/HAOS* (which I was pretty unsure of, but decided to play anyway), which gave him a spot for JEE/JO/En/ET, and eventually a counter bingo. My game against Cheah featured a fairly interesting move for me in which I had ?IIJNSY and two bingo lines to block (or keep open); Cheah had earlier played EE (2 of the 3 remaining Es), signifying a possible strong rack next turn. I mistakenly chose to block the S, which gave him (P)ECULIAR through the P and leaving me too far behind to catch up. As it was, he’d have AURICLE(S) to the S anyway, but I think I should probably have kept both lines open for myself to respond to his bingo. Against Tony, I selected a rather unorthodox move of (E)PICAL for 22 over CA(M)PI for 34, creating a scoring spot for my W (and likewise leaving him JA(M)ES for 60 points, hooray) – which didn’t turn out as badly as I thought it would on the simulation and on the draw. I lost that game too, more possibly because I had earlier daringly opened with F(O)RGED as a consonant dump.

My wins were probably less spectacular: I took the win against Amit mostly because of a choice I made to play off 6 tiles in response to his 6 tile dump – I was rewarded with the blank and the win; My game with Marlon had 16 moves per player and a score of 51-66 after 4 turns each (I decided to change on my 5th turn) – the top-left hand corner of the board was mostly unused in an extremely blocky game. Against Guo Cong, I misspelt TENTACLE and lucked out with NECTArI(NE); I beat Yen Nee with 4 uninspiring bingos.

The WPC has ended, and Nigel claimed the victory again, though this time narrowly – none of the final standings were decided before the last round. Pakorn’s form seems to have slipped just a little since the World’s, but he is still a considerable force to be reckoned with. I hope we will have another spectacular show this time at the Causeway.

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