SG-PR Tourney Stats

Missed: 4 bingos (EVILDOE(R), REEXPEL, GAWCI(E)ST, (Z)OOMORPH [125 points!!!]). I wasn’t sure of the 2nd and 4th, but I just was not looking hard enough for #1 and #3. I missed them all in the 2nd half of the tourney, and lost 2 of the 4 games (I figure mostly because of those misses).

Obviously inferior bingos: 2 or 3, depending if you consider playing PERENtY instead of PYRENEs on the first move, for 2 less points, an obvious mistake

Challenged phonies played by me: 3 (or 4, since I double-phonied in one move) – one of them was a 2 letter word Ul; thought the blank was a T. All in the 2nd half of the tourney too.

Unchallenged phonies played by me: 0 (Boo!)

Challenged phonies played against me: 4

Unchallenged phonies played against me: 1 (Michael’s CURE(A)BLE; though the scorelines were close I thought I could pull off the win still, Cheah’s LAESIEs* which probably cost me the game, because his move blocked my S(T)EALTHY. LAESIE is good, which is why I too got confused with its validity)

Bingos played by me: 29

Bingos played against me: 27 (wow, didn’t realise there were so many)

Blanks: 12 (though I didn’t manage to use 3 of them in moves scoring over 35 points; compared to 1 for my opponents)

Average for: 443 (Kian Boon’s is the highest at 469, no wonder his spread was over +900)

I generally think the time factor was rather important in this tourney – I was generally playing too fast because I was either placing my opponent in time pressure (it worked in 1 or 2 of the games) or I was just afraid of going overtime myself.

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