TWL & more

Cool things:

1. This game was played in TWL, and the endgame was pretty cool IMO, but only because the game was played in TWL. I’d always thought the lack of words in TWL was purely restrictive from a gameplay perspective, but this example (and others that I saw during the NSC) shows that TWL really demands a more strategical game than SOWPODS. A pity that few, if any, players would want to play TWL games or tourneys here, but I’d certainly be willing to try if I ever stayed in the US or Thailand for long periods of time.

2. SA News is finally printing! Will be a thick edition that should be pretty decent reading! Problem is the next edition, though…

3. Singapore Open and Yew Tee Open will be just 1 week from each other! That’s 32 games in 2 weeks. And the date for Yew Tee, 20-21st November, is not too far away from Causeway and the WYSC (with its side tourney), so that’s a potential 100+ games in a month! Not for me though, since I won’t be in Premier…

4. The Last Word has always been something of limited interest (due to TWL) – this edition however features reports on the NSC and WPC, so pretty cool stuff this time.

Not-so-cool things:

1. “Geoblocking” – I was only able to catch Andrew Fisher’s first appearance on Letters and Numbers, though I would really have liked to see the others (and the episodes to follow). I’ve managed to bypass the BBC iPlayer filter, but I wasn’t able to get past this one – so I guess I won’t be able to play along with the episodes.

2. Mass running (and not being able to run the full distance) – shall not elaborate here.


  1. Strategy in TWL is limited by the lack of possibilities in Collins. A purely TWL player will find that there is no strategy in Collins because of the numerous possibilities. Whereas a Collins player playing TWL will be faced with split decisions unless they can compartmentalize like Nigel or Pakorn.

    1. Yeah would probably be very difficult to learn both dictionaries. I will try this, though, if I make a long trip to the US or Thailand… seems like a good challenge 🙂

  2. Andrew Fisher · · Reply

    Hey, how do you get through the BBC wall?

    1. I got instructions from here for Firefox – if you’re using Chrome you can look at this instead Not too sure about IE.

      Have not tried this yet:

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