SA News & more

The latest edition of SA News has been rather well-received, a very positive sign for things to come. However, a lot remains before the next edition is ready (I’m hoping mid to end October, but we are lacking some important content at the moment). I’m not entirely sure how having a good publication will eventually lead to increased interest and membership, but it’s gratifying on my side to see such a lukewarm response to our initial attempt (replicating such a feat will be ambitious, though). What we’re working on right now: a few interviews and a couple of reports; though I think I need to reread the current issue to remember what else goes in :).

I managed to get lucky enough to win a tournament recently, but I played worse in it than I did in SGPR – missing 4 bingos, making a number of questionable plays (according to Q) and playing generally poor endgames (some of them due to time pressure). Some of the plays I made are still to me defensible, because I played them with knowledge of my opponent’s last move (perhaps I was too sensitive to the tiles in the bag). My loss to Cheah in the penultimate round was particularly unneeded, as I made an amateurish error by blocking a scoring spot and not his last bingo line, mistracking his tiles and thinking he had the tiles to capitalise on the TWS for good score (enough to catch up). Still, luck was generally on my side (I drew 13/18 blanks) – maintaining this performance will be difficult in the light of (most probably) worse tiles to come.

WYSC qualification is rounding up, and it’s a pity we are not going to have many players again. I’ll be accompanying the team this year though (might play in the side tourney), and I hope we produce a winner this year.

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