Monthly Archives: December 2010

Game #23

Here’s a game I played vs Ricky in Causeway. Was quite lucky to get away with it. Play the game here! Feel free to examine and criticise!

Games #21 & #22

Two of the more exciting games out of the last rated 70 – partially so because I won both of them, too! Perhaps more to come when I’ve finished looking through the lot… Play the games here and here! Feel free to examine and criticise!

Nicols and Lamina

A very good writeup from bricap’s livejournal here. I’m not on CGP so I’m pretty sure I’ve missing out on quite a lot from this debate – but I think Brian’s views as a top-level TWL/ CSW player carry much weight. Read the comment from wallydraigle (Kenji, another top-level TWL player) too – I’m not […]


Am now in the Philippines to show support for the World Youth event this year, and also to play in the side tourney. After taking an early flight down to the airport yesterday, the Singaporean group (minus Dorai, who came later in the evening, and plus Martin, who gave us many anagrams en route to […]

CWAY 10 preliminary stats and bingo list (updated)

Blanks: 49 Bingos: 100 (average 2.22) Phonies played: 6 (4 challenged, 2 unchallenged) Unchallenged phonies played against me: 3 (I trust the Thais too much!) Average score: 439.56 Average opponent score: 392.33 For (100): UNREINED, PISCINE, DELTOID, VIRAGOES, PROSIER, RENAGUE, HOTELIER, PROTIST, ATAXIES, SANDIER, SUNWARD, TOOARTS, NARDINE, TUATERA, MISSCORE*, GASOLINE, ARTSIER, STRINGY, BEASTIE, THERIAN, MIGRATES, […]