Am now in the Philippines to show support for the World Youth event this year, and also to play in the side tourney. After taking an early flight down to the airport yesterday, the Singaporean group (minus Dorai, who came later in the evening, and plus Martin, who gave us many anagrams en route to the hotel like AAIICHMR, ABDMRUY and CIKLOPSU) was warmly received in the hotel. I spent a few hours lingering around the mall (with some unexpected discoveries, especially in the bookshop) but eventually returned to participate in the Scrabble trivia event, which appears to be a mix of general knowledge quizzes and consensus games. The highlight, though, probably came at night, where I observed a real-life Clabbers game between Nathan Benedict and Howard Warner, featuring finds like DEEFGILNORW (extended from DEFGIOR) and ACDENORSTU (played / AAEMIOPRS and through the existing TRE on the board). Pity I didn’t have my camera with me then!

Well, 45 games of Scrabble at Causeway were tough. As Albert Hahn would say, let’s take a break and play some Scrabble!

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