Millennium Cup and the days ahead

Am not feeling that great now, as I am still under the effects of the weather (a potent mixture of hot and cold with light showers, exactly the kind that makes you sick). I am trying all sorts of cough medicines in an attempt to get completely cured by next Monday, which is the first of my two scheduled wisdom tooth surgeries – but perhaps also importantly for Millennium Cup. I recall what the expectorants did for me at Causeway and hope not to be under those effects playing against some of the best players in Singapore :). But anyway, reading about pharmaceutical nomenclature (and the general naming of things elsewhere) has at least interested me enough to learn more about the poisons I am taking – and I now know a lot more about asthmatic drugs and cough medications, some of it thanks to the Medicine students. Will be more careful about what I take in the future.

Anyway, the long-overdue SA News for Q3 is out – it really should have been out much earlier, considering its relative lack of content. Q4 is expected to be out soon, and I suspect this will be quite a good issue, if all goes as planned. Q1? Could be pretty fast or slow depending on what goes in (I think more on the slow side, though). Progress for the yearly newsletter, though, is stalling – most of the team members have hit their busy periods and I will need to coordinate a time for the next meeting (suspect it will be this week if circumstances permit, or next week if difficulties arise).

Should not be staying up this late typing this.

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  1. before i go off for my first paper, go to dropbox and see what i’ve uploaded in the Q4 folder (a word doc and a pic) and delete them after you dl (copyright issues).

    you’d be about as zai as doctors at diagnosis if you can internalize those things. heh!

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