Find the best endgame sequence


Should be posting games from Millennium Cup soon – watch this space!


  1. keyboard malfunction, ignore previous comment.

    Assuming best plays from both sides:

    1F JOT (38) – A1 SH (15) [to block 1A AM (38)]
    7E DEMAGOG (25) – K10 ERN (3) [to block 12K GAZOO (34)]
    6L GAU (12) + VW (16)
    Total gain of 73

    I think any other blocking sequence by pdann will cause a bigger margin.

    Very good exercise! Not sure if I got it right though, so many permutations… actual best play against human for twq may be playing GAZOO after JOT, and hope pdann overlooked blocking DEMAGOG 🙂 risk losing 5 points of gain to have a chance to gain 6 extra points

  2. You’re pretty close to the right answer (3 points away, 1 because GAU is not the best out) – pdann’s best move is not SH for 15 because there are reasons why I should not play AM on top.

    Of course, in the real game, twq wasn’t good enough to play this endgame correctly or even close to correctly 😦

  3. oh haha how did I miss M7 AG (13)…

    and you’re right, playing 6B AW(13) replying to JOT will render AM to be not twq’s best move, but after twq’s GAZOO and pdann’s NE to block DEMAGOG, I still end up with gain of 73. Must be missing a good out-in-two for MD…

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