Games #28 and #29

Michael and Tony this time – I would only get to play them one more time in the tourney, due to the somewhat weird format. Not the most exciting games I’ve played.

Play games 5 and 6 of Millennium Cup here and here!

Feel free to examine and criticise!


  1. Leon Johnstone · · Reply

    Hi Toh,

    Sorry to use the comments as a means to contact you, but I couldn’t find any other way.

    Just wanted to bring your attention to an iPhone app that I thought you might like to use and tell your readers about. ‘ScoreCard for Scrabble’ enables you to record, save, and e-mail digital Scrabble scorecards via a fast and intuitive interface, thus acting as a potentially superior alternative to the pen + score-pad. The app also features auto-calculations, a timer, and a look-up dictionary reference.

    App Name: ScoreCard for Scrabble
    App Store link:

    I hope you like it.

    Best regards,

    Leon Johnstone
    Banana Labs

  2. Hello Leon,

    Thanks for your post! I have to say it’s somewhat surprising that you managed to get here since I do not actively publicise this location :).

    Sorry, I do not use an iPhone but I will consider getting one when I start school later in the year. From the screenshots though, I can tell that this is a fairly interesting app that may be of use to tournament players. I’ll let some other players with iPhones know about it. If I do get an iPhone I will definitely download the application and try it out.

    Toh Weibin

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