Games #40 and #41

Transiting out of NS is probably (definitely?) a good thing but I haven’t yet readjusted to the real world out there, thought clearly enough about the life-changing decisions I have to make at this stage of my life or adapted to some of the responsibilities I have to take up at this point. Things were fairly simple in there but it just seems to get harder and harder each day I am out. School will possibly fix everything, but it will probably be too late by then.

Anyway, here are the next two games. Should go back to normal updating once I finish the series, though I don’t think I have much Scrabble to post up nowadays. Facebook also takes away some of the need for posting – it appears to be somewhat of a necessity though I am enjoying its services less and less each day.

Play games 17 and 18 of Millennium Cup here and here!

Feel free to examine and criticise!

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