I’ve gotten off Facebook, at least for now. It was a bit of a whimsical decision (taken in less than a day) but I did want to escape the tiresome (I did use a better word to describe my feelings, also starting with T, but my post got deleted and I cannot remember it now) news feeds, the need to “profile” myself and the instinct to “profile” others, if that makes any sense. I’ll probably return to it at some point, but living without it will be a good experience, I think.

Sorry to the people whose conversations I left behind – I really didn’t want to abandon any of them! Unfortunately, it’s very difficult for me to use parts of Facebook and ignore the others, so I decided to take the easy route and deactivate it altogether.

I’ve decided to publish my updates here instead. I think I will like it better because (1) I don’t know who still reads this blog, so it’s a bit random and (2) I do know, more or less, who may be reading this blog, and I don’t mind sharing what I’m posting with them.

So, apart from tedious economics assignments and attempts at cooking (maybe there will be pictures!), this is what I’ve been up to…

And, of course, the odd bits of Scrabble. I realise I haven’t shaken off my passion for the game and tournament scene – though admittedly I feel jaded at times, wanting to do well in every tournament I enter but not putting in the requisite effort (what is the “requisite effort”??). It can be painful to lose games due to obvious blunders but I always tell myself that this is a battle against my own imperfections, and not other people. I think it helps me treat my friends in Scrabble as friends first, and not opponents over the table…

If anyone reading this wants to talk, I’m still contactable by email.

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