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Snowdonia, slightly laconically

I went to Snowdonia somewhere in November. This is near Dolbadarn Castle in Llanberis – yes, the unwieldy names add to the charm. This is my best stab at a Beach House album cover. I couldn’t resist trying, with the candles and plates laid as they were. If I recall correctly this was taken in […]

A little on the by-election

1. A fascinating insight into elections over the years from the viewpoint of a deputy editor, with many fun facts for the younger generation – especially interesting because a lot of the remarks are made with the benefit (and the political safety) of hindsight. Note how it portrays the uncertainty surrounding election results – […]

This is both necessary and sufficient

This remastered recording (Gieseking, Rother) from 1944/45 which I encountered today is the best recording of the Concerto I’ve ever heard. It’s amazing how music composed so long ago can resonate so well in such a different and difficult period, and that the tension in the recording can be still discerned and appreciated by the […]

Collective Individuality

‘Everybody nowadays talks about “my rights”. What that usually means is “I have the right to do what I want and you have to take responsibility for that, because I have no responsibilities at all”. We don’t believe in that. There are limitations to individualism, and I will willingly give up that individualism because I […]

goodbye snow

you won’t be missed

On Brick Lane & The East End (Singapore?)

‘Don’t get me wrong,’ said the driver. ‘Personally, I’ve got nothing against the Indians. I’m a bit of a curry holic myself. There’s just too many of them. Britain’s getting swamped. It won’t be long before there’s no such thing as an Englishman. We’ll be a bunch of mongrels. Naa! It’s no good, is it? […]

Where Are We Now?

“There’s old music, there’s new music, and there’s David Bowie. If you are not jubilant, or at least mildly intrigued, by his return from behind the curtain, you are making your cosmos smaller than it needs to be.” – Chris Roberts, The Quietus

Only in Scandinavia

“You have to make the decision about whether you want to live or not. And if the choice is to live, you have to live your full life. You can’t spend it sitting in the corner, thinking about what happened.” – Thomas Quick: the Swedish serial killer who never was – The Observer

A thoroughly fascinating read Though making the Gallup survey the main focus of the title was really unnecessary!

The 70s/80s were such an interesting period