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70s robot pop

  “In 1974 ‘Autobahn’ represented a metaphorical journey speeding the listener away from the recent past – a high velocity transit away from the horrors of Nazism and World War II… It took a band as forward-looking as Kraftwerk to rescue the liberating nature of the autobahn back from the Third Reich. As soon as you […]

Mostly disorganised

Travel and Life in London, in that order So I really did enjoy every moment out of London – Vienna is really a place everyone needs to visit in Europe, to experience old European hospitality (I mean this – some waiters appeared TOO experienced, dispensing “bitte schön” as a tired mutter), see their rather tasteful […]

Quick Update

It’s reading week, so I am doing the necessary travelling, with friends this time! Am now in Vienna for the night, having spent the day in Bratislava. Will have a couple of days to look around before the Scrabble tourney starts on Saturday (event page, will update with a link to follow results!) The […]

so what if my little pot of lentles boils over

“Like everyone else, I haven’t found a way to make my actions match my beliefs. I lack the information to make any robust conclusions about the world around me, but even knowing that, I lack the ability not to. I wish I could see people and not assume anything at all. But until that happens, […]

ridiculous(ly?) skin-deep happiness

Phonying and Challenging

So I wrote an article on phonying a while ago – it was meant for The Scrabble Players Handbook as a counterpoint to Ed Martin’s article on phonies, but feedback to the article has not been forthcoming, despite a number of reminders. I gather that the team’s mostly busy with the publicity efforts, so I’ve […]