Pictures/ Video of Black Summer gig @ The Lexington

So I was lucky enough to win a Facebook random ticket giveaway to an otherwise sold-out Efterklang gig at The Lexington last night, just 2 hours before the start of the concert – not too bad, since The Lexington’s within walking distance from my place! Efterklang are an experimental pop band (if I can give it that classification) from Denmark, perhaps known for their excellent (and in some cases, grand) live shows. According to Pitchfork, their name translates directly to ‘after-noise’, but perhaps more loosely to ‘reverberation’ or ‘remembrance’. I first caught them live last year at the Barbican performing with the Northern Sinfonia, and was amazed at how they could transmit all their energy throughout the whole concert hall almost effortlessly. I’ve been to other gigs here with better known bands where this certainly didn’t happen. Efterklang left the concert hall to a complete standing ovation that night.

Their latest album, Piramida, seemed to sharply divide critics, with some praising the remarkable concept behind the album, and others lamenting the shift towards a more poppish sound, perhaps sacrificing atmospheric authenticity in the process. Well, I don’t care, and I don’t think Efterklang cares either – Piramida is a magnificent effort and a fantastic listen; even better performed live. Onstage, Efterklang is certainly happy to perform for the crowd – smiling sheepishly, bantering slightly awkwardly (“this feels… different from Royal Albert Hall”), and having a whole lot of fun on stage. And fun for the performers generally translates to an enjoyable night for the audience.

Anyway, enough chatter – I think the pictures speak much better than I do. Scroll down for a video of a creative percussive arrangement of ‘Alike’ from the ‘Magic Chairs’ album, their last encore song for the night. If you like the pictures and video, do give Piramida a listen, live or otherwise. And yes, the whole album. Enjoy!








For those of you who can’t close this browser tab because there’s something amiss about this post and you can’t put your finger on it, here’s what it is: the post title clearly talks about this band called ‘Black Summer’, but the entire post seems to be another band called Efterklang! Could it be something as boring as a typo, or could I have attended two gigs at once (in parallel universes, perhaps?)

To explain this apparent incongruence, this was a ‘secret’ gig by Efterklang, a night after they opened for Foals at the Royal Albert Hall. ‘Black Summer’ is one of the track titles off the Piramida album, and was just used as a pseudonym! Technically, I am not wrong anyway – Casper’s (the lead singer) playful introduction went something like: ‘Hi, we’re Black Summer, performing songs by the Danish band Efterklang, from the album Piramida’ – heh, heh..

Edit: To see what was going on with the percussion, there is a better video:

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