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How not to travel?

This article has recently resurfaced on social media (such is the power of social media – the article was written in 2010, but it has received all of its comments over the past few days), and has invited much criticism over its arguably biased and ‘Western-centric’ view of Singapore. As a Singaporean I broadly agree […]

Just had to share this..

.. in the midst of my exam cramming. One of the best statements I’ve encountered from all of my reading about development economics: “All this sounds paternalistic, and in a way, it certainly is. But then it is easy, too easy, to sermonize about the dangers of paternalism and the need to take responsibility for […]

Suite from Romeo and Juliet

The best full version I know of Prokofiev’s score to the ballet Romeo and Juliet is the recording by Lorin Maazel with the Cleveland Symphony Orchestra, but this selection of excerpts, performed by Claudio Abbado with the Rome Symphony of Rai in 1968, has got to be one of the most convincing ever. The orchestra isn’t […]

Two (contrasting?) portraits of the DPRK

First, the controversial BBC Panorama feature. Panorama is a television programme known for taking on the ‘investigative journalist’ tack – the only other Panorama show I’ve watched so far is its feature on disgraced DJ and television presenter Jimmy Savile (which had its share of controversies). Unsurprisingly, this documentary is very critical of the DPRK. […]

this is the music of introversion

For the full-on shoegazing experience, listen to the whole album here. I’m not sure if I regret, or want to regret missing their concert in March.

Maven and its analytical discontents

I stumbled upon this article written by the late Pete Finlay about the Scrabble analysis program Maven. I’ve never had or used Maven, and don’t know much about it. However, I have always regarded it as a significant development in terms of computer analysis – to this date, there are players who still believe in […]

An Overdue Croatia in Pictures

I had an effective four days to spend in Croatia. Four days is not enough time to travel in a country, much less Croatia. Here’s why: Croatia is crescent-shaped, which makes ideas like ‘a day trip to Dubrovnik from Zagreb’ sound ridiculous. In fact, this was the most ill-planned leg of my journey. When I […]

Where I am in Scrabble now

So, I’ve been playing this game for about 10 years, with about 7-8 fairly active years from 2006-present. I never imagined myself playing continuously for so many years. A few years back, I asked Marlon (Prudencio) how long he’d been playing Scrabble for, and his reply “7-8 years” at that time struck me as being […]

Zero tolerance for zero tolerance for intolerance – thinking about xenophobia

I recently read this article from the Straits Times. While it’s always interesting to observe how the discussion on xenophobia develops in Singapore, I found some of the arguments in this article unconvincing. I personally feel the conclusion of the article (that we need to speak out against ‘xenophobia’, or at least the writer’s definition […]