Welcome to my morbidly optimistic view of the world.

This blog is in part a writing exercise (I don’t get enough practice), but mostly a collage of my thoughts and memories.

As I play Scrabble competitively, there are quite a number of posts on that subject. The Puzzles category does feature some interesting/ difficult positions. Otherwise, I post on a wide range of topics, depending on what I’m doing at the moment.

The quote on my blog is a modification of the ending of Susan Sontag’s Against Interpretation – whether you agree or disagree with the statement, the essay is a good read. The misuse of the quote is a constant reminder to myself to ‘see more, to hear more, [and] to feel more’ each passing day, and importantly, beyond judgment.

I’m not bothered about readership – I continued this blog because I realised that I preferred sharing things in a format separate from Facebook updates, where things must remain impersonal. If you find anything here worth discussing, feel free to talk about it, here or privately! I don’t want this place to be an exhibition space. Otherwise, thanks for keeping up with my life and thoughts!

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