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Karl Eliasberg and Shostakovich’s Seventh

“‘So many years have passed since that day and memory is a funny thing, like drying paint. It changes colour as it dries. But that symphony has stayed with me the way it was that night. Afterwards, it was still a city under siege, but I knew it would live. Music is life, after all,’ […]

New music for old times

I could watch this video a million times!

I listen to this every now and then

“The city may win, but too often its citizens seem to lose. Every urban childhood is shaped by an onrush of extraordinary people and experiences – some delicious, like the sense of power that comes from a preteen’s first subway trip alone; some less so, like a first exposure to urban gunfire… [f]or every Fifth […]

finally see what it means to be living

Post-Exam Part I – a bit more of London

This post documents some of my post-exam travel in London. I followed a strictly chronological order, so the geography is a little messy. I originally wrote a lot more than I did but eventually decided to be lazy and let the pictures speak for themselves, adding a number of captions here and there. Click through […]

The calm before the storm

Uh, so I have fallen into the habit of not updating during my free periods and updating just before crunch periods. Tomorrow is my final paper, and the closer you get to your final paper, the worse you feel (it’s a bit like the final Lit paper at the end of the A Levels, 2008. […]

Suite from Romeo and Juliet

The best full version I know of Prokofiev’s score to the ballet Romeo and Juliet is the recording by Lorin Maazel with the Cleveland Symphony Orchestra, but this selection of excerpts, performed by Claudio Abbado with the Rome Symphony of Rai in 1968, has got to be one of the most convincing ever. The orchestra isn’t […]

this is the music of introversion

For the full-on shoegazing experience, listen to the whole album here. I’m not sure if I regret, or want to regret missing their concert in March.

Pictures/ Video of Black Summer gig @ The Lexington

So I was lucky enough to win a Facebook random ticket giveaway to an otherwise sold-out Efterklang gig at The Lexington last night, just 2 hours before the start of the concert – not too bad, since The Lexington’s within walking distance from my place! Efterklang are an experimental pop band (if I can give […]

the stars (are out tonight)

Haven’t had much time to update in general – so this is going to be a long one. I realise I tend to share very little information with people in general – I don’t like blowing my own trumpet, or boring people with my (not necessarily very relevant) personal thoughts, and generally think too much […]